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Do you accept guest blog posts?

While we don't currently have a budget to pay for guest posts (we hope to grow enough to be able to), Your Highest Standard welcomes passionate contributors who want to improve the lives of educators everywhere. Find out more about that process right here!

Do you make commission off of the links you post in your articles?

Sometimes! But, if we do, it's because we genuinely stand behind a certain product, app, or book. Rest assured, we will never stand behind anything we would not personally use. Please visit our affiliate disclosure for more info.

Why do you use ads on your site?

Trust us, we’d love not to have them. But hosting and maintaining a community of readers isn’t cheap and the ads are a big reason we’re been able to keep providing high-quality educational content to our readers for free. (It also helps keep the lights on in our office!) Hopefully, one day in the future we won’t need them at all.