Who We Are

A small team of passionate parents, teachers, and mentors that live and breathe education and youth leadership. You can find us working (but mostly playing) with youth and crafting content that we hope will help you understand and connect with your growing leaders on a deeper level. We appreciate hearing from our amazing community around the world.

Why We’re Here

Today’s youth are at risk of being left unequipped with the values, characteristics and resources necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Your Highest Standard began as a response to this potential reality.

It’s challenging and time-consuming to keep up with the latest news about teaching, the next generation, and anything else “education”. That’s why we’ve set out to bring you relevant, practical tips and resources for teachers and anyone else who works with young people.

Our Aim

To help enable our hopeful and budding generation by holding ourselves higher, so that they can go further. Way further.

Our Mission

To equip anyone working alongside youth – teachers, parents, youth leaders, mentors – with the tips, tools, and resources that will grow our next generation and beyond.

Our Promise

To share the most valuable, accurate, and relevant educational information in the world.